Trash Island:



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My friend Stacie from Providence sent me a few links to the work of artist/designer Michelle Brand from London. She makes some pretty amazing stuff for the home from used water bottles. You can buy them here. I find these especially inspiring after my last post of the fixture hanging in my school. While that’s a fine idea, I would never hang that in my house. Michelle’s work looks like it’s actually lovely enough to want to see every day.
(I took these pics from a flickr page, I’m not totally sure if it’s hers or not.)



These have also been blogged about here

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oh, art school

this chandelier made of used water bottles is hanging right outside my studio.

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This can’t be true… can it? And if it is, why didn’t I already know?

My Aunt Kristin just sent me a couple links to articles which explain that plastic bottles cannot be recycled if they still have their lid on. Apparently, the bottle and the lid are different types of plastics. Both are recyclable, but not together, as one contaminates the other. Many recycling plants simply throw any bottles with lids on them away because it is too much work to take the lids off.


Here are the links she sent me:

“Are You Recycling Plastic Water Bottles?

“Plastics Recycling – Can You Recycle Lids?

I’ve been reeeaaally busy with school this week, but I’ve got a handful of Ideas in my head for my psp. Next week!

Thanks to Kristin for sending me these links. 🙂

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bath full of bottles

I was taking a shower earlier and thinking about trash Island. God, those videos have bummed me out. I just can’t shake them.

Anyway, I was thinking how awful it would be if my own personal bodies of water (my bathtub, my sinks, my toilet) were where all my plastic bottles ended up, instead of the ocean. I kept thinking about all those bottles floating around by my feet, breaking down eventually into a plastic soup that I had to bathe in. GROSS.

maybe this would be a good PSP for someone else who wanted to quit drinking bottled water.

Wanna try it? Throw your bottles away in your tub. Lemme know how it goes. I dare you.

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sister knows best

I was talking to my sister this weekend about how soooo many plastic bottles don’t get recycled, and even when they do there is not a big market for recycled plastic. She told me about her shopping bags that she bought from whole foods. Duh! these are awesome. I realized I’ve totally seen them before and still never thought about them, and clearly had never actually thought to buy one. I think I will now…

Apparently each bag is made from about four 20oz plastic water bottles. sweet.

Here’s hers:

it's cute

it's cute

I went to to look into buying a few, and it looks like they’re running some promotion with Sheryl Crow for the bags right now. Again, I get that icky feeling I generally get when famous folks get involved with things that should be considered important either with or without them. (see: Matt Damon+Ethos a few posts back.) Not sure why this bums me out, I know it’s probably for the best and likely helps out the cause. So, you know what? Right on Sheryl Crow, Right on Whole Foods: eff plastic!

some words from sheryl:
“I am a big believer in doing what you can, even if it’s something as small as reducing the amount of plastic we each use daily that ends up in landfills, whether it is plastic bags, water bottles or product packaging. I’m so happy to be working with Whole Foods Market on this project.”
— Sheryl Crow

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OK, clearly at this point I am doing this to avoid other homework!

LOL. I wonder if people would recycle more often if their trash cans looked like this?

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